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Photo Tips

             Photo Tips for the Perfect Pet Portraits                

My pet portraits are painted from a photo.
In order to make your pet portrait look exactly like your pet,
I can only paint your pet as I see it in the pet photo.
Backgrounds can be changed but the subject cannot.
The painting can only be as good as the photo you send.

    Here are some good photo tips to follow in order to ensure a good pet portrait from a photo:

1. A good, clear photo is important. Digital photos are usually the best since they can be enlarged without too much distortion and will provide me with a great place to begin your pet painting.

2. If your animal refuses to sit still and pose, do not hesitate to use a leash or hold it because I can always remove it in the painting.

3. Try to be at the pet's eye level for close-ups of head or face portraits with clear eyes and expressions that show the personality and individuality of  your pet, since you will want it to look like your pet, not just any animal.

4. Natural light produces the best photo. Direct sunlight can wash out colors. If all you have is an indoor picture of a deceased animal, for instance, don't worry about it. I can correct coloring or lighting or create a totally different background.

5. I can combine several photos to make one portrait if they are all at the same perspective or eye-level.

6. Let me know which photograph best captures the personality of your pet or I will let you know my opinion as to how it should be presented on canvas.

7. Photographs can be e-mailed, scanned or mailed to me and will be returned with your finished painting. Please contact me if you need my mailing address.

8. Send as many pictures as you can so we can choose the one that will give you the best results, and I will do the rest to make it beautiful for you.

It is my pleasure to serve you,


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