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Pet Memorial Page

Dedicated to their Memory

This memorial page is meant to be an eternal memory of our departed beloved pets and animals
where your best friend will live forever. 

You may add your pet to this page for millions to see all over the world.
after completion of your pet portrait.




In Memory of Brandy Marie

"Brandy Marie was a rescue who entered our lives in 2006. She was a great big sister to her little brother, Sam Merlot. She filled our hearts with love." The Eric Dennin Family

Your cat, who has crossed the "Rainbow Bridge",
can be featured here.


In Memory of Buddy

“Buddy was a rescue dog who we believe picked us, we did not pick him. He was a gentle soul who has brought much love and happiness into lives in a short period of time. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.”  John

In Memory of McMurphy

"McMurphy was smart, independent, and sometimes stubborn. She was a wonderful companion and so very lovable. I will treasure the 15 years I had the honor of spending with her. Murph was "one of a kind dog"
and is missed every day."  Pam

In Memory of Dusty

"The most beautiful cat that I have ever known, Dusty was a curious soul with a quirky sense of humor. A faithful companion, and a valued member of our family, he will always be in our hearts."  Joanne

In Memory of

My childhood pet who was my mother's constant companion while I was in school. He would faithfully wait for me to arrive home for his daily stroll through the neighborhood. He will be forever in our hearts."
Jean, Nick, Loretta and Patti

In Memory of Smoochie

"Our faithful companion and family member, who we adopted from the Humane Society, a dog who everyone loved and who loved everyone. We will never forget you and never love you any less as the years go by." 
Patti and Jim

In Memory of


"Maverick was our smart, loyal, family protector. He was so handsome after he finally grew into his ears. He wasn't afraid of anything except hot air balloons. You left us too soon, Mavie, but we will always love you as you loved us."  Loretta, John and family


In Memory of Cody
AKA name Wild Bill Cody


"Everyone remarked that Cody was the smartest dog they ever met. He loved to perform his 25 tricks. His favorite place was on the landing of the stairs where he would keep watch over his beloved family." Angela and Christy

In Memory of Dancer

"He was given his name, because as a puppy, he used to dance on his hind legs for the neighborhood children. He also used those strong legs for escaping from kennels and for saving his master from a wild dog.
I'm sure he is now dancing with
the angels in doggy heaven."  Patti

In Memory of Pal

"Pal was my boyhood dog. Only 20 pounds but never backed down from any animal large or small. Just the like the song "just a boy and his dog, over fields and meadows we'd roam," a great hunter and family dog. Here he is after being hit by a car and suffering from a weak heart in his final days. Always remembered as a great dog." Jim

In Memory of

"Always loved and now running with the angels
in horsey heaven.” Ronnie

In Memory of Chester

“I wanted a painting for my daughter in the army....she couldn't get leave in time to see her cat, Chester, before he died of cancer. Now he will be with her forever as she travels around the world."

In Memory of

"Rosie's sweetness and beauty in your painting brought tears to my eyes as I remembered just how beautiful she was before she became so ill.
This is how we will remember her."  Colleen

In Memory of Cricket

"Cricket was a special dog to this family. When my wife got brain cancer Cricket took on the role of guardian for her throughout her illness. After she passed away, Cricket missed her every day. She is one of the lucky pets since she had someone to meet her at the "Rainbow Bridge" when she got to heaven. Cricket will always be missed and loved by her family
."  Doug

In Memory of Holly by Golly
2007 -2012

"We will miss her but we are so happy to have
her immortalized on canvas forever." Frank


In Memory of Raelyn

"A yellow lab Guide Dog for the Blind that
will always be remembered because she saved the
life of her owner, Sabrina

In Memory of Connie

I know she is now in a better place
where there is no such thing as cancer.”


In Memory of Skye

December 27, 1999 - May 2

"A search and rescue dog who worked to save lives until the last weekend before she lost her battle with cancer.
She will always be loved by her owners who were also her handlers." Chris and Kim

In Memory of Harry
Rescued 2004 - 2013

"Harry, or "Beezy," was a strong, quiet soul. He was loyal to his family from the day he was rescued off the sidewalk. Though slow to warm up to strangers, he was sweet and cuddly with those he knew. He will be deeply missed."  Christy and Drew

"In Loving Memory of Peggy"

 An exceptional "watchdog" and
such a precious, loving dog

"We miss her and love her everyday. We shall cherish her memory forever until we are reunited again." Joe

Your dog, who has crossed the "Rainbow Bridge",
can be featured here.

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